I am using Ruby with Cucumber and attempting to build up a suite of automated tests against a dynamics 2013 system. We have a cart that is a nested into an iFrame and we are attempting to enter a product into a text field.

The code that we have is :

@browser.switch.frame(id: 'navLink{bd27b00e-3d5e-b7b5-0ddb-864216077292}AreaFrame')
@browser.input(id: 'addQuickProductTextBox').set("MM-000001-NF Nurse Full")

But using this code I get the message:

Watir::Exception::UnknownFrameException: unable to locate iframe using {:id=>"navLink{bd27b00e-3d5e-b7b5-0ddb-864216077292}AreaFrame", :tag_name=>"iframe"}

The HTML is in attached snap:

Top Level IFrames Table Details Data Field

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As per the image you attached, it seems that you are using the wrong id for iframe. Its id value should be "contentIFrame1".

In Watir you can do something like:

@browser.iframe(id: 'contentIFrame1').iframe(id:'navLink{bd27b00e-3d5e-b7b5-0ddb-864216077292}AreaFrame').text_field(id: 'addQuickProductTextBox').set("MM-000001-NF Nurse Full")
  • Hi Roman. Thank you for the suggestion, however trying that returns the following error - Watir::Exception::UnknownObjectException: timed out after 30 seconds, waiting for #<Watir::TextField: located: false; {:id=>"contentIFrame1", :tag_name=>"iframe"} --> {:id=>"addQuickProductTextBox", :tag_name=>"input"}> to be located Commented Oct 23, 2018 at 7:55
  • oh, sorry, I didn't see the second iframe there. Check if this work so: @browser.iframe(id: 'contentIFrame1').iframe(id:"'navLink{bd27b00e-3d5e-b7b5-0ddb-864216077292}AreaFrame'").text_field(id: 'addQuickProductTextBox').set("MM-000001-NF Nurse Full") If it works, I'll update the first answer. For more info about frames iframe
    – roman
    Commented Oct 23, 2018 at 12:57
  • Hi Roman. Thank you that helped the code that worked in the end is - @browser.iframe(id: 'contentIFrame1').iframe(id:'navLink{bd27b00e-3d5e-b7b5-0ddb-864216077292}AreaFrame').text_field(id: 'addQuickProductTextBox').set("MM-000001-NF Nurse Full") Commented Oct 23, 2018 at 14:08

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