I am trying to write the XPath for the below element but unable to do. I want to write for the Individual. I wrote like this //h3[contains(text(),'Individual')]

<h3 class="dashboradh">
          <strong>My Dashboard</strong>
          <span>Anjana</span> |  Individual        </h3>
  • Your h3 does not contain the text in question. You could go for //h3/strong[contains(text(), 'Individual')]/.. to get your Element but the css selector h3.dashboradh should be faster and more resistant against changes.
    – Daniel
    Oct 23, 2018 at 11:46

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There are some white spaces in your string. So use normalize-space() to trim the white spaces as below :



You should try dot . instead of text() in contains method to match the required text in any node within the tag.

//h3[contains(., 'Individual')]

You should use dot . like in previous comment. Dot will look for text in all child nodes. You can also be more specific: //h3//span[contains(text(),'Individual')] or //h3//*[contains(text(),'Individual')] if you don't know type of child element.

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