I was wondering whether I could get you guys help on this page :


I understand the concept thats being explained but I'm stuck on finishing the rest of the business requirements.

What confuses me is, what would the Test Steps and the Test Data look like for Business Requirements 2 and 3?

Like, in what verbal language would I actually write it down as?

Also, has anyone ever finished the rest of the test cases? If so, could you please share it?

Or is anyone able to do it?


  • Welcome. Have a look here for asking. You likely get downvotes for it as it somewhat vague. – Ray Oei Oct 24 '18 at 13:43

The views for the above question would be subjective. Depends on person who is preparing the RTM. Make sure the test steps written are easily understandable, However test data depends on the Application Under Test which you would be using. For e.g. Test data for B2 would look like BankLogin details of id and password.

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