I am looking for a solution for the below problem statement:

  1. Authentication is done through ADFS.
  2. I recorded a script via jmeter/blazemeter/badboy, but observed that RequestSecurityTokenResponse is never returned in response for any request.
  3. Observed that the RequestSecurityTokenResponse is directly sent over a URL via reply by ADFS.

Due to above situation I am not able to extract the RequestSecurityTokenResponse and hence I'm not able to parameterize it.

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Use Fiddler to record the application and search by text "RequestSecurityTokenResponse " in Fiddler then you will get the request in which response you will get it. This is an xml which you need to capture from the response of https://qfs.XXXX.com/adfs/ls/?prompt=login&client-request-XXXXXXXX request then you need to replace '<' by '<' and '&quot' by '"' and pass it whole xml to https://login.microsoftonline.com/login.srf request .

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