I'm creating the user cases for developers to set automated testing for Sign Up.

But I'm facing an issue at the moment. I need to test Sign Up with a new phone and email.

So every time the test runs the phone and email have to be new.

How can I set this without manually delete the phone and email from Firebase and Database, please?

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You can add to your emails a timestamp that never will be the same in each execution.

Something like:

[email protected]

If you use a gmail account, you can also retrieve the email from inbox using this approach.

And you can also use timestamp converted to integer for phone numbers.

Hope it helps

  • Thank you. Regarding the phone number I need to delete it since I need to use Firebase White List Phone Numbers so I don't get blocked. How can I delete automatically the phone number after each signup test? API endpoint? Nov 9, 2018 at 9:46

You can use regular expression keeping the format in which you want your email and random number generator of 10 digit.

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