We have test and deployed a web application to production a which contain few API calls. Now the client is complaining some times some of the API's are failing and we UI is not populating data. To test this I can symply create a selenium script with few test scenarios which cover the important UI elements availability and generate a report.(I can schedule this to run every 3 hours ).

  • Is there any better way to do this?

There are several tools for application monitoring that can make these verifications with a minimal setup and send reports and logs when crash happens.


  • To use these things we need to inject there services to our web solution, which is not going to work with us. – ChathuD Nov 8 at 3:28

I used 2 tools right now to crawl on Production server:

  1. SeleniumWebdriver, since you already used it, I suggest to try Extend Report library for reporting.

  2. Acunetix, I think this is one-for-all tool for me, for deep crawling API call, UI, and all possible link, and the report is pretty good and validate. The setup was minimum, in fact I just edit header name and let the tool do the rest.

  • Acunetix is not free :( – ChathuD Nov 8 at 4:33
  • ah sorry forgot to mention that, you can use the free version, but for this you should add their config file in to your web root – BetaTester Nov 8 at 5:56

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