<label for="experience">Years of Experience:</label>
<input name="experience" type="radio" value="one" style="">
<input name="experience" type="radio" value="two">
<input name="experience" type="radio" value="three">
<input name="experience" type="radio" value="four">
<input name="experience" type="radio" value="above seven">

This does not give me a proper result.

WebElement val = driver.findElement(By.name("experience"));
List<WebElement>radios = val.findElements(By.xpath("//input[@type ='radio']"));

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Let's analyze your code:

// The line below will find the first input. This line is useless
WebElement val = driver.findElement(By.name("experience"));
// Since val only contains the first input, radios will be an empty list
List<WebElement> radios = val.findElements(By.xpath("//input[@type ='radio']"));
// Below will raise an expection, because the list is empty

A suggestion:

// Finding all radios
List<WebElement> radios = driver.findElements(By.cssSelector("input[name='experience']"));
// Let's filter out only the checked radios. 
// In Selenium, isSelected will verify if it is checked
List<WebElement> checkedRadios = radios.stream().filter(radio -> radio.isSelected() ).collect(Collectors.toList());
// Let's check if we have found at least one checked radio button
Boolean hasCheckedRadio = !checkedRadios.isEmpty();

The code above necessarily walks through all radios. If you are worried about performance, you can wrap the code in a method and run a for loop which stops as soons as it finds a checked radio:

List<WebElement> radios = driver.findElements(By.cssSelector("input[name='experience']"));
for (WebElement radio : radios) {
    if(radio.isSelected()) return true;
return false;

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