Let's say I've installed an app on my Android phone and I'm using it. Is there any way I could monitor the various activity that the app is doing on the phone and gather stats around it?

I'm talking about something very similar to "Process explorer" that we have for Windows except that I need to gather the details from an Android app.

This is in the hopes of being able to test whether the application is working properly on the Android platform. If I see things like:

  • CPU spikes,

  • or a lot of battery consumption,

  • or if I see it accessing the the disk too frequently,

then those will all be defects against the app.


What about reading the developer manual? Always a great start...

To help you forward: android profiling but honestly, just a little search and you likely would have found that yourself...

And before you call something defects: you should define what unexpected behaviour is first. A cpu spike is not a problem in itself, for instance.

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