In a webpage (HTML below) I have two radio buttons.

Neither of them are selected by default.

While trying to automate the click event on the button i got this error - "element not find".

I did set correct locator and also tried in many ways but I'm not able to click using automation.

this is design code

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    You should share your code. – Bence Kaulics Dec 8 at 11:16
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    Definitely need to see your code - I’m afraid we can’t just take your word that you set the correct locator. It also means we don’t waste time typing out something that you have already tried. – RossK 2 days ago
  • You've not responded with your code. Are you reading both buttons into an arraylist or are you using a more complex xpath using the sibling labels? I realize this was posted over the weekend, so some time delay can be expected, but please provide code or you'll start getting downvotes. – Bill Hileman yesterday
  • Hi all, this is my code for select radio option. WebElement rB1 = driver.findElement("MainContent_rdoTravelType_0")); ((JavascriptExecutor) driver).executeScript( "arguments[0].checked = true;", rB1); – ATRS yesterday

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