Can anyone share their experience testing this product? Or can advise best practice. What can be tested in addition to the more or less logical translation, the number of supported languages, the correct recognition of the language in which people will speak? And what else?


A possible set of test cases maybe:

  • What happens when you start translation mode on but there's no sound input?
  • What happens when you're translating from and to the same language?
  • What happens when you translate at a volume above a certain threshold, above 100 decibels for example?
  • What happens when the input voice (sound) pitch is altered?
  • What happens when you translate at a really low threshold, around 20 decibels?
  • Also, as an exploratory step test by playing a song. In essence trying to translate a recorded song from one language to another.
  • What happens with noise in ambience while the translation is in process?


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