We have a requirement that a particular website need to be tested for ADA Compliance and we need to generate a report with non compliance and solution to fix that. Any help how to process this verification.

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Unfortunately, I don't think it's as easy as running a website through a tool and have it tell you whether it's ADA Compliant or not. Take a look at W3's article on 'Web Content Accessibility Guidelines requirements (success criteria) and techniques' - you'll need to go through each of the requirements and test for compliance that way.

The article below was taken from a Digital Marketing Agency called Wakefly that was returned from a Google search of 'ADA compliance' (which I hadn't heard of until now!)

The ADA encourages the use of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG) as a guide on how to make your site accessible.

WCAG is organized as 12 guidelines under 4 principles (POUR):

  • Perceivable: Web content is made available to the senses – sight, hearing, and/or touch.
  • Operable: Interface forms, controls, and navigation are operable.
  • Understandable: Content and interface are understandable.
  • Robust: Site should work in all environment.

These guidelines and principles conform to WCAG compliance (success criteria) in one of three levels:

  • Level A (must satisfy)
  • Level AA (should satisfy): Makes sites accessible to people with a wider range of disabilities, including the most common barriers
  • Level AAA (may satisfy): Most demanding level of WCAG compliance

This chapter from official ADA website would probably help you. This is Website Accessibility Under Title II of the ADA.. They state accessibility problems and possible solutions. You can use this as asepcification for your testing.

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