There is add employee form, so how to verify the record, should I match the all fields of form which display on table or just match the name, also table is dynamic with pagination.


There could be several ways depending on which features your table provides:

  1. There is search functionality in your table. You can add a user and then look up the required record using search.

  2. There is sort feature in your table. You add a user considering sorting so that your user would go to table top entry. Then you invoke sorting and check if the top entry represents your user

  3. There is pagination and you know how many pages are there. You go page by page unless you encounter your required entry. If the pages are over and you have not encountered your entry, test fails.

  4. There is pagination and you do not know know how many pages are there. Bad news. Ask your devs for advice.

Regarding the fields to check, you should match all the fields which are provided by your table against the values you have input in the form, otherwise you can miss some issues like:

  • the values are saved by the server but improperly requested by front-end
  • the values are not saved by the server
  • front end didn't pass values to the server
  • front-end passed values to the server but confused field-to-value assignement
  • front-end confused the order of returned values when populated the table.

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