I desperately looking for a HTML reporter to use with detox with Jest - I need it for both smoke and regression testing. I am testing a react-native app on iOS

I've tried https://www.npmjs.com/package/jest-html-reporter with no success. What's happening is that I can run the tests but I cannot produce a report of tests that have passed or failed. It's super frustrating.

If someone can suggest something that can work with detox and jest that would be amazing.

thanks in advance.


We don't use Detox, only Jest for our React Native app. We have integrated Allure in our Jenkins build, and are fairly happy with it.

Whether this helps your situation I can't say, as I am not fully clear what exact problem you are having.... ;-)

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I actually found a good HTML reporter that works with detox (with Jest), protractor, mocha etc

click this link

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