I have one drop down list in my application. Each drop down option is one individual JSON POST request. Even i select any drop down option (json request), data will load but URL won't change.

I want to load from my application UI. Can anyone help me to do performance testing from Web application UI.

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You cannot perform a load test from the web browser as browser simply neither has the relevant functionality to conduct high loads nor provides reports containing performance metrics

The only solution I can think of is Follow Me mode of the JMeter Chrome Extension where you can choose how many users will repeat each your online step.

Given jmeter tag of your question you might also want to know how to simulate the load using Apache JMeter tool The easiest way is to record the requests using HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder, even if the URL doesn't change browser still generates HTTP Request for each dropdown selection event and JMeter is capable of recording and replaying of HTTP requests.

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