I am practising POM and Page Object factory. I would like to learn good practices in instantiating the pages.

till now I am Instantiating the pages from test class (e.g. TC_01_Register.java) using the below statement, I am not passing driver object to page class

OCHomePage ochome = PageFactory.initElements(wdriver,OCHomePage.class);

another way I was thinking is, creating the class object where Page class receives the constructor and instantiate the page factory in constructor itself

OCHomePage ochome = new OCHomePage(wdriver);

OCHomePage class (code snippet)

public OCHomePage {
    OCHomePage (WebDriver wdriver){
  @findby... // code continues ..

please suggest me if any other best ways available or the practices you follow..

  • A third method is to add a factory method to the page object, that accepts the webDriver, creates the page object and initialises its elements. When a page navigates using a click it can use the factory method. Commented Jul 14, 2019 at 14:36

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Both options are fine, but you can improve it in two ways:

  • Abstract the creation to a setup method on the test class, assuming each class is related to each application page.
  • Abstract the factory initiation (and other common steps) to a base class:

    public OCHomePage extends BasePage {
        OCHomePage (WebDriver wdriver){
    public BasePage {
        BasePage (WebDriver wdriver){

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