I need help to do a binary search using string, I'm a beginner and I'm having this difficulty.

The compiler says that it is not possible to convert from string to int. I also do not know how to call my vector for binary search. I need to know the position of the value found

My vector structure

public struct tp {
   public string cnpjv, nomev, portalv, empv, emailv, telv, detv, tpv, canalv;

public tp[] cadastro_tp = new tp[100];

My binary search

private string button1_Click_1(string[] vetor,object sender, EventArgs e)
    string chave = txbTp.Text;


    int meio;
    int Min = 0;
    int Max = vetor.Length - 1;

        meio = (int)(Min + Max) / 2;

        if (vetor[meio] == chave)
            return meio;
        if (chave > vetor[meio])
            Min = meio + 1;
            Max = meio - 1;
    while (Min <= Max);

    return -1;

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  • Array class have BinarySearch for one dimension sorted arrays, have you tried it. BinarySearch – Nikolay Barakov Jan 14 at 8:57
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