I need to make a script that checks if all h1 tags in a page are of a certain hex color. If they are not, test fails. What are the available options for doing this?

I'm using selenium with java


It depends on how is the color displayed on each h1. Assuming it is on the style attribute:

String color = "background-color: #ff6347";
List<WebElement> allH1 = driver.findElements(By.cssSelector("h1"));

Boolean allHaveExpectedColor = 
          allH1.parallelStream() // Let's look at all elements in parallel
          allMatch( // Let's verify all of them match some condition
              elem -> // Given we are looking into a H1 element
              elem.getAttribute("style"). // Let's get the style attribute
                    contains(color) // And check if it contains the color mark

Assert.assertTrue(allHaveExpectedColor, "Some H1 does not have the expected color");

If the color is displayed some other way, you just need to change the lambda function.