I was trying to run a sample test in cucumber protractor javascript tests. But it is returning 0 scenarios.Could someone please look into my code pasted below.


Feature: To test version

@test Scenario: To test the UI version of OFP

Given a verification order is created | orderOrigin | OFX4 | | orderType | VOE | | isNewEmployer | true | | verifierClient | default |

Given OFP is used by "ldap" user And the version is verified


let ofpHomePage = require('../../pages/ofp_pages/task_pages/ofp_home_page');

Given(/^the version is verified$/, { timeout: 720 * 1000 }, function () { return ofpHomePage.verifyVersion(this.verificationOrder.preProcessingData.employee); });


let OfpTaskBasePage = require('./ofp_task_base_page');

class ofpHomePage extends OfpTaskBasePage {

constructor() {

this.uiVersion = element(by.xpath('//*[@id="container"]/sd-home/efx-footer/footer/div/div[3]/p[1]'));


verifyVersion(employee) { return browser.wait(this.isVisible(this.uiVersion)) .then(() => { expect(this.uiVersion.getText()).to.eventually.equal(employee.uiVersion); }); }

} module.exports = new ofpHomePage();

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Your given step doesn't match the one defined in your scenario, this makes your scenario invalid which means the output is correct , there are 0 valid scenarios.

You specify - Given a verification order is created

You provide - Given(/^the version is verified$/)

if you want it to match then you need provide a matching given step.

Given(^a verification order is created$/) 

Additionally you might want to look into parameterising for more flexibility and storing the verification info and result for other steps to use.

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