I have a short deadline to test a desktop application. Which record and playback software can be used for desktop application (developed on .NET)?

  • Ranonex , Test complete
    – Vel Guru
    Commented Jan 26, 2019 at 19:27

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A lot depends what kind of app is this. WPF, UWP, WinForms or Win32? All of them might be developed in .NET.

There is a lot of tools (mostly paid). I would suggest Ranorex, as this is the easiest (but not the cheapest one). Then there is Coded UI, for which you need Visual Studio Enterprise Edition (which cost more than a lot).

You can use also some other tools such as Autoit, Sikuli or pyWinAuto

At last there is a free and my favourite tool, but you need to write some of the automation code by yourself (i've seen also recording tools there, but they can't do everything). It's done my Microsoft and it's called WinAppDriver and should be combined with Appium


In the case of short deadline I recommend you use Ranorex. It has:

  • 30-days trial period
  • good Record and Playback feature
  • Visual Studio like interface

Check this guide to create test in 20 minutes


Coded UI is the best I guess.And AutoIT can do the same.

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