The docs does not say what is result of START_NEXT_ITERATION_OF_CURRENT_LOOP and I could not find out via web search.
What's the difference from START_NEXT_ITERATION_OF_THREAD?

To give other angle to the question, for test action sampler go to next iteration is applicable to current thread only, not to all threads.

  • START_NEXT_ITERATION_OF_THREAD == Start Next Thread Loop - applies to Thread Group iterations
  • START_NEXT_ITERATION_OF_CURRENT_LOOP == Go to next iteration of Current Loop - can be applied to nested Loop Controller, doesn't trigger next Thread Group iteration

Given you use Test Action my expectation is that you're sitting on one of the previous JMeter versions as this sampler has been renamed to Flow Control Action in JMeter 5.0.

According to JMeter Best Practices you should always be using the latest version of JMeter so consider upgrading on the version you will find at JMeter Downloads page on next available opportunity.

  • Thanx. I'm actually trying to upgrade from ver2. I found in docs setRestartNextLoop is deprecated, whereas in ver 5 it simply does not work as I've found out. The upgrade issue (slow load of old script) maybe deserves separate question. – Alexei Martianov Jan 30 at 14:24

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