My github desktop was working correctly. I am able to perform all the operations like Commit, Pull, Push. Today I am trying to push my code, observe below error :

Authentication failed. You may not have permission to access the repository or the repository may have been archived. Open options and verify that you're signed in with an account that has permission to access this repository.

My environment :

  • Windows : 10
  • GitHub Desktop : 1.6.1

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Step for fix issue:

  1. Remove repo from GitHub Desktop
  2. Logout from your github account [File > Options]
  3. File > Add Local Repository
  4. Repository > Repository Settings and change to https URL [Important tweek]

It started working back for me.

  • Thank you. It worked for me too but what's the reason ? – Arash Hatami Aug 1 at 18:01

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