Facing issue to read content after clicking an element in Selenium. I have tried with below code:

if(webElement2.isDisplayed()) {

String tagContent = (String) ((JavascriptExecutor) 
BrowserUtilities.getDriver()).executeScript("return arguments[0].innerText;", webElement2);
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    Please update your question with the error you're seeing.
    – anonygoose
    Feb 5 '19 at 13:06

Your code does the following:

  • If webElement2 is displayed, wait for some other element, webElement, to be visible and click on webElement2;
  • Grab the text on webElement2.

It can be failing because webElement2 is never displayed.

Probably, what you want is:

  • If webElement2 is not displayed, click on webElement (not webElement2);
  • Wait for webElement2 to be visible;
  • Grab the text from webElement2.

OBS: I will edit this answer based on @anonygoose's request.


Try to get the attributes of the webElement2 which you are referring at your code.

String aa = webElement2.getAttribute("text").toString();

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