I have to create a test plan for my project and present it to the stakeholders. The Test plan should comprise of :

  1. Testing types
  2. Test Environment
  3. Test Data

Project components :

  1. Thick client application (.net)
  2. APIs being created
  3. Data batches are being created
  4. Web UI is being created

Currently, there are no environments as well. I need to create a test plan for this project. What should I put in under different areas in test plan like test types, environment, data (if I require managed data), or any other component in test plan I need?

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  • I wanted some pointers and not the actual work. If you have some pointers, feel free to pitch otherwise help someone else who needs it :)
    – brij
    Commented Feb 13, 2019 at 7:34

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James Bach created the Heuristic Testing Strategy Model as a tool to exercises of test plan creation.

It is divided in 5 areas:

  • Project Environment includes resources, constraints, and other elements in the project that may enable or hobble our testing. Sometimes a tester must challenge constraints, and sometimes accept them.

  • Product Elements are things that you intend to test. Software is complex and invisible.Take care to cover all of it that matters, not just the parts that are easy to see.

  • Quality Criteria are the rules, values, and sources that allow you as a tester to determine if the product has problems. Quality criteria are multidimensional and often hidden or self-contradictory.

  • Test Techniques are heuristics for creating tests. All techniques involve some sort of analysis of project environment, product elements, and quality criteria.

  • Perceived Quality is the result of testing. You can never know the “actual” quality of a software product, but through the application of a variety of tests, you can make an informed assessment of it.

I have created a mind-map of this model; you can check it on my blog here: The Heuristic Testing Strategy Model Mindmap

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