I have a desktop application for which I need to automate the smoke test suite consisting of 30 odd test cases. An application consists of 3 screens with some buttons and data grid. Major work in this is to identify and verify the data in the data grids and clicking on some tabs and buttons.

I have done POC on the following tools :

  1. Teststack.white
  2. Winnium
  3. TestComplete

First 2 tools are taking around 4 minutes to identify a single element in my application (couldn't find out why) TestComplete is perfect and is working seamlessly with my application, however, the cost is a huge angle associated with it.

Recently, I got to know about Sikuli as well. Is it a good idea to create the smoke pack with sikuli, I think a lot of flakiness would be introduced due to this? Also, any other tool that is successful in desktop automation?

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I have had success in the past using AutoIT. Don't let the talk of their scripting language distract you though. It also comes with a DLL/COM to allow you to use virtually any high or low level code.

  • Hi how to validate steps in autoit
    – PDHide
    Jan 14, 2020 at 17:44

I have used Test Stack White sometime back to automate a Windows based application. It was really fast, efficient and did the job for me.

I was able to interact with 20-30 elements in my application with less than a minute time. So I think the performance issue you are facing is specific to your application and maybe you can tackle it with a better programming approach or with the help of a developer.

White is also very extendable and easy to use if you have coding knowledge.

  • does it have to do anything with the kind of programming that dev has done ? its just interacting with the elements ?
    – brij
    Feb 23, 2019 at 12:15

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