I want to automate the GUI installation process on Windows and Linux.

Suggest me good tools which can I use for both OS.


Java is a good tool for that. As per this wiki page, IzPack supports several installation modes:

  • Interactive Installations Providing a Swing GUI
  • Interactive Installations Providing in a Text Console
  • Unattended Installations Using Records of Previous Sessions
  • Unattended Installations Using Properties
  • Mixed Installation Mode Using Variable Defaults

Which means you can either take GUI or CLI or environment under control to generate input signals.

Note, that for different platforms IzPack might provide some native features that might require non-trivial approaches (like read values from System Registry)

  • can you also suggest a good tool among GUI tools which works on both OS? – Sahil Doshi Feb 22 '19 at 7:46

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