I'm working on a web project and need to give a quick update on how the security of the web site. So is there any tool or browser plugin to do a quick scan for my web project and get an analysis report.

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Yes for a few things but overall really I feel the answer is no single tool for what you seek.

Reviewing security is a manual process because it is is a multi-faceted process. It will frequently involve using various tools but there is not an overarching tool you can use to simply run a security report that I am aware of.

Also, if such a tool exists it will be of limited use as a broswer plugin, given that most of the security issues require analysis on the backend - and for that, there are security scan tools - but even these do not fully suffice because intent will not be clear just from the static code analysis.

A browser tool could report on:

  • If HTTPS is being used
  • Any hidden code in the HTML not displayed
  • XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
  • JavaScript vulnerabilities

Server side tools can report on:

  • SQL injection
  • JavaScript vulnerabilities
  • Username/password storage in code (bad!)
  • Large scale SQL updates
  • Security in the application code
  • Calls to other services
  • Many other security concerns

Above are not comprehensive lists for security testing.
For that buy a security testing book and spend $20 to earn $80000

Also, from:
https://cwatch.comodo.com/blog/website-security/top-10-vulnerability-assessment-scanning-tools/ (March 2018)

Top 10 Vulnerability Assessment Scanning Tools

  • Comodo HackerProof
  • OpenVAS
  • Nexpose Community
  • Nikto
  • Tripwire IP360
  • Wireshark
  • Aircrack
  • Nessus Professional
  • Retina CS Community
  • Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)

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