We still have Silverlight (sad story) and I need to write a smoke test that checks if IE redownloads XAP files when accessing the site after deployment. Redownloading XAPs means there is some kind of configuration/deployment issue and it is bad.

The code is either C# or Powershell and must be running without human intervention, of course. It runs on a dedicated test runner machine where I can install Fiddler, for example.

However, using Fiddler or any global proxy for that matter is not ideal, since the same test runner is used to smoke test different sites deployed within our cloud. It is possible, though. Additional complication is that Fiddler would have to install its SSL certificates in order to decrypt the HTTPS traffic. In short, I am not sure if this is the right way. Plus it is unclear to me how to automate the steps:

  1. Install certificate
  2. Start capture
  3. Fetch the captured traffic
  4. Stop capture
  5. Remove certificate

So, I am looking for an advice on how to do it, not necessarily using Fiddler or global HTTP proxy in general. Any ideas?


This test is already on the manual smoke test list. We are automating these tests and now is the turn of this one.

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