I am now into automation projects. So can anyone help how the test plan will differ from manual and automation projects.?


Test Planning for Manual Projects:

  • How many people do we need?
  • How many people do we have?
  • What physical machines will be used?
  • How will results be recorded and collated?
  • What is the volume of work that needs to be done?
  • What is the skill set of the people doing the testing?

Test Planning for Automation Projects

  • What cloud services will be used?
  • What do we need for a devops pipeline?
  • What programming language is being used?
  • How many automation engineer do we need?
  • How many automation engineers do we have?
  • What technology are we using for automation?
  • How do we structure our smoke-happy-sad tests?
  • How to write automation code that is maintainable?
  • What should we still use exploratory manual testing for?
  • What unique screens do we need to ensure are visited?
  • What form of output do we need to show what was tested?
  • How will UI automation relate to Unit and Integrated Testing?
  • Are we running tests in the cloud, using CI/CD, or just locally?
  • How will we handle intermittent failures (inherent in web testing)?
  • What development environment will automation engineers need?
  • In addition to the automation what should still be manually tested?
  • Are we using other services such as Jira that we want to integrate?
  • What services do we use for multi-device and multi-browser testing?
  • How to test usability when most automation is presence of elements?

You will also need to distinguish UI testing from Unit and Integrated testing. Manual testers are used to testing 'everything through the UI' leading to massive and slow test suites. When you automate manual testing you need to ensure that most of your tests actually become unit tests that test the algorithm on the back end and not just the final display on a screen. In order to do this observe the test pyramid and use it as a gude for structuring your tests

enter image description here

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