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I am a newbie in testing and i just write in the bug report, the pre-requisites , actual results and expected result section under "description".

Other testers say that my report is not professional and it's incomplete.

How can I improve my verbiage in expected results. Is it like - "user should be deleted on clicking delete button ' or "user is or must be deleted?

How to write a high quality bug? Refer to a sample bug report written by testing experts.

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  • Welcome. This question is asked many times: just look around here (or Google). As there is not a "best report" I would suggest asking your co-workers on what they expect. You are a newbie, so they should understand that you are by definition inexperienced. I can advice this, however: bug advocacy by Cem Kaner – Ray Oei Mar 19 at 19:00
  • Or search Bug report ;-) – Ray Oei Mar 19 at 20:50
  • For writing a good defect, the first and foremost important thing is the summary (which should be precise and up to the mark). A good defect needs below components: 1. Summary :- States what actually the defect/issue is. 2. Description:- It should contain the following: a. Environment Details: ( Where the defect is being tested i.e. on iOS, Android or Web ) b. Browser Details: (If any) Than, we move on to c. Pre-requisite d. Steps to Reproduce e. Actual Result f. Expected Result g. Whats Working/Whats Not Working (describe the areas where the issue is working or not) – Sumit Kumar Oct 16 at 22:13