I want to perform testing for brute force attacks on login page of a website. I am new to security testing and I think i can test this by multiple failed login attempts. I wrote the below code to test this but i am not sure which test tool would be good to use and how can i perform this testing on the tool. Could someone please suggest me the tool and educate how would this test can be done by using same tool?

    List<Long> attempts = loginFails.get(login);
if (attempts != null) {
    synchronized(attempts) {
        if (attempts.size() == ATTEMPTS_TO_FREEZE 
            && attempts.peek() > System.currentTimeMillis() - TimeUnit.MINUTES.toMillis(TIME_FRAME_IN_MINUTES)) 

Below url has provided the definition of Brute Force Attack as well as tools which help to perform such testing:


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