We are using two virtual machines.One machine is working as both controller and agent. Where as second machine is only using as Agent. The problem here is,we can't able(Second machine) to register the test agent with test controller as continuously receiving that "Failed to register this test agent with the test controller. Connection to the test controller 172.XX.XX.XX:6901 failed because either the test controller is inaccessible or the service is not running." error.

Please find below info and attached problem screen shot for ref-

  1. Using same version of VSTS, Agent and controller- 2017 15.9.10

  2. There is no firewalls as we have disabled in both the machines.

  3. We can ping and netstat shows controller process is listening at 6901 port

  4. Both systems on the same subnet.

Any help is appreciated!

enter image description here

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