Not sure if it's allowed to duplicate stackoverflow questions. I thought I might have a better audience here...

I try to use the rerunFailingTestsCount option to deal with flaky tests. In order to display these in the junit results, I use the flaky test handler plugin which would theoretically deal with displaying flaky tests

In my jenkins file this looks like

pipeline {    
  stages {
    stage('tests') {
        // sh mvn verify here

      post { 
        always {
          junit testResults: 'target/failsafe-reports/**/*.xml', testDataPublishers: [[$class:

the test run fine, flaky ones are repeated but when it comes to publishing the junit results, i get an

Error when executing always post condition: java.lang.AbstractMethodError: you must override contributeTestData

Google wasn't very helpful, maybe someone here had the same problem and can help me or at least can confirm that this plugin works as pipeline script (there is a pull request regarding pipeline support, so I am not sure...)

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