i have to get the Inner text based on dom x- path, but in the x-path div value keeps changing. how do i do it in automation anywhere object cloning in Chrome browser.

The xpath I am using is:

/html/body/div[5]/div[1]/section[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[2]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/table[1]/tbody[1]/tr[1]/td[5]/span[1]/span[1] /html/body/div[5]/div[1]/section[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[3]/div[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[2]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/table[1]/tbody[1]/tr[1]/td[5]/span[1]/span[1] 
  • /html/body/div[5]/div[1]/section[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[2]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/table[1]/tbody[1]/tr[1]/td[5]/span[1]/span[1] /html/body/div[5]/div[1]/section[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[3]/div[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div[2]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/div[1]/table[1]/tbody[1]/tr[1]/td[5]/span[1]/span[1] – user39410 May 6 '19 at 15:23
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    My guess is this is your xpath, post some html code of the element instead - via edit option in your post, not via comments. – Moro May 6 '19 at 16:50

I'd try first of all seeing in the webpage source if the element has a unique ID so instead you can use something like


If the element doesn't have a unique ID or name, add some html of the element and I'll happily help to try and find a unique locator for the element

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