we have various teams across our business unit. I need to consolidate the test results across the teams and display for Business unit leads. So we were thinking allocate a AWS S3 storage location and consolidate all the reports there. Is it possible ?

  • How do you run the tests currently? – João Farias May 9 '19 at 22:36
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    What have you tried, where are you stuck? The question as it stands is either too broad or only gets a yes/no answers. – Niels van Reijmersdal May 10 '19 at 7:31

Probably. Allure is an open-source project. So you can change the code and decide where to store the results.

Also if you can export the report you could manually store it on S3.

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  • hi all Why is the question negative any idea – Hi X Dmf May 10 '19 at 20:12

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