Steps :

Can you suggest the approach or share some sample script

1.Read data from JSON file - Method to Provide Data (JsonReader.getdata) - Get file location & File Name

2.In @Test(dataprovider='JSON File Data') -> Pass All values as Method Argument - Send all values one by One ( Xpath , Elementname , Sendkeys) - Fill the UI Header form with Values from JSON and Clickon Save

3.Write it in Excel file

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1 - Read data from JSON

Google has a very good Java library to parse JSON in a structured way: GSON

The types you would use the most are JSONObject and JSONElement.

2 - Use the data in a test

I would suggest having in your dataprovide only the name of the JSON file. In the test, you can call a factory that would read the JSON file and generate a POJO object.


@Test(dataprovider='JSON File Data')
public .... myTest(String jsonFileName) {
   TestDataModel testData = TestDataFactory.createTestDataFromJSON(jsonFileName);

TestDataModel will represent the JSON file:


  "userName": "Mario",
  "password": "Luigi"

POJO with a bit of Lombok:

public class TestDataModel {

@Getter @Setter
public final String userName;

@Getter @Setter
public final String password;


TestDataFactory and ExcelLogger will do the dirty work of interacting with the file system and performing the serialization/deserialization part.

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