Here are the steps I have followed so far....

  1. Recorded steps using Selenium IDE

  2. Then I export it (".side" file) into a java(junit 4) file.

  3. Created a maven project and added the necessary libraries. (The project runs as expected)

  4. Created jar file using maven-shade-plugin

  5. Added the necessary jars to jMeter

  6. Add the library(snapshot) to the jmeter lib --> junit folder

  7. Restarted jmeter

  8. At this moment I'm not allowed to add thread group or other option.(Place where I face the problem)

Then, I tried it creating a java project without maven. But it doesn't capture assert function. Tried to add libraries but that didn't work.

I added jUnit 5 also and that didn't work either.

How can I write integrate exported java file with jMeter?

So far this is the solution I have found. I did a slight change in the 3rd step.
I was using intellij idea. Instead I used eclipse and created normal jar file and followed rest of the given steps. This will work.

But still didn't check whether the problem with plugin I used.

  • are you mainly recording to create a jmx file to do a performance test? Could you use Blazemeter for this?
    – Decypher
    Commented May 29, 2019 at 13:29


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