I have to test a JavaFX application and to keep coherence with the existing automation framework I want to create a WebDriver Protocol conform driver API. Now I get the problem that elements within the WebDriver protocol are generic, so that one can call the click endpoint for any type of element, without the need of passing the information what kind of Element I interact with, via the same function, in jubula (at least in the JavaFX package) I miss a component type though so I would have to implement the same method multiple times.

To circumvent this problem the clean alternative should be to define my own generic element type and cast it into the corrent subtype after querying the ComponentIdentifier for the elements type but given the lack of proper JavaDocs I failed to find any method to extract the type information.

So, tl;dr:

Is there any API endpoint in Jubula to determine the type of an object from the ComponentIdentifier?

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