I Need to get XPath for the following, to get the text after the <b> tags

<li class="SpacedOut">
<b>Name 6:</b> 
<b>Name 1:</b>
<b>Name 2:</b>
<b>Name 3:</b>
 <b>Name 4:</b>
 <b>Name 5:</b>

I need to get the following texts from the above HTML, please help how to set XPath to get the following text

Required output: "ABC" "BCD" "EFG" "HIJ" "KLM" "NOP"


I'm not sure if this is possible using just XPath, but there may be some advanced stuff I'm unaware of.

This is fairly simple using regular expression matching though:


        WebElement list = driver.findElement(By.className("SpacedOut"));
        Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("\"\\w+\"");
        Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(list.getText());

        while(matcher.find()) {

The regex may need adjusting if your real text is substantially different from what you supplied. I would suggest researching Java regular expressions in that case.


Try this: //li[@class='SpacedOut']/text() You'll be able to return it into a list if you're using Selenium


You can try this XPath, this should make it:


Good luck!

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    Also, you can get the specified text(inner html content) instead of using WebElement list //li[@class="SpacedOut"]/text()[normalize-space()][2] This will get the text "BCD" for Other text content change the position from [1] to [5] Feb 24 '20 at 4:50

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