I am quite new to Selenium IDE. I want to split an error message and extract the first word of the error message. I have used the following commands as in the image.

commands I have used to split the variable

Following are the results of the log.

  1. assertText on css=.ngn with value Could not rejected OK
  2. store on css=.ngn with value variable OK
  3. store on 0 with value delimiter OK
  4. store on javascript{storedVars['variable'].split(' ')[storedVars['delimiter']]} with value test OK echo: javascript{storedVars['variable'].split(' ')[storedVars['delimiter']]}

I also referred the following article.

Any of the above did not help me with my expected output. Please let me know a way to solve this issue. I am specifically expecting a solution to be done through Selenium IDE.


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Refer the following article.

Note: Use ${asset} without double quotes

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