I'm using Selenium to fill in a web form. The fields there have their default values, usually it's 0. If I issue the command


the value changes from 0 to NaN. The following input


results in NaN12345. The desired result should be 12345.

This the HTML of the said field:

<input class="form-control two-decimals text-box single-line" 
data-val="true" data-val-number="The field myField must be a number." 
data-val-required="The myField field is required." id="myId" 
name="myName" style="max-width:100%; width:500px;" type="text" value="0.00">

Is there a way for me to fill these fields since my usual .Clear() and then SendKeys() route isn't giving me the expected result.

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Looks like you may want to use the javascript executor to get around the validation modifying the value inside the field between the Clear and SendKeys actions.

IWebElement field = driver.FindElement(By.Id("myId"));
((IJavaScriptExecutor) driver).ExecuteScript("arguments[0].setAttribute('value', '12345')", field);

Syntax not guaranteed on this, as I don't have a C# environment set up.


If there is a delay between the calls to Clear and SendKeys, then this could explain your problem.

Then again, you may just have to do something like this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3249583/selenium-webdriver-i-want-to-overwrite-value-in-field-instead-of-appending-to-i

I suspect that anonygoose gives a correct answer, but just like him, I cannot test to see for sure.


I had a similar problem that I solved using this:

driver.FindElement(By.Id(element)).SendKeys(Keys.Control + "a");

It selects all the text in the first line, and then overwrites with the second.

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