I am using cucumber 4.3.0 and I would like to send an ArrayList of String in one of my sentences. It would give something like that:

Given I am on page <page>
When I do stuff
Then keywords "toto, tata, titi" are here

So far, I have thought of splitting the String "toto, tata, titi" into an Array (using "," as separator) however, I'm wondering if there are any cleaner solution?

I have tried doing this:

Given I am on page <page>
When I do stuff
Then the following keywords are here: toto, tata, titi


@Then("^the following keywords are here: (.*)$")
public void theFollowingKeywordsAreHere(List<String> datas) {
     //some code

But I get the following error:

cucumber.runtime.CucumberException: Could not convert arguments for step ...
Caused by: io.cucumber.cucumberexpressions.CucumberExpressionException: ParameterType {anonymous} failed to transform [toto, tata, titi, tutu] to java.util.List<java.lang.String>

So, any idea on how to make that work without using the string split solution?


The only way to get a List from the Gherkin input is to use datatables.

To use this approach in your example you would have to re-implement the Then step, like this:

Then following keywords are here
| toto | tata | titi |

With mapping step like this (notice there is no regular expression to match any keywords, just the step itself):

@Then("^following keywords are here$")
public void theFollowingKeywordsAreHere(List<String> data) {
 //some code

This would normally accept DataTable, but List<String> will also work as cucumber can convert it.

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