I have investigated several mobile testing tools to test our mobile application. Unfortunately, I have not found a tool that can meet the following requirements. If anyone has suggested a tool(s) that will be appreciated.

Our requirements are:

  • Support record/replay for automation testing

Appium and Selenium are very developer based and my skills in writing code are not on this level (setup is quite complex). I looking for more user friendly automation tool.

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Try with below

TestComplete Mobile – SmartBear (Android and iOS) SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform (Android and iOS) Katlon Recorder


For Android, you can use Espresso Test Recorder (included in Android Studio as part of Android Espresso) (description, short video on youtube).


Try out Ranorex Studio https://www.ranorex.com/

I have used it for Desktop Testing but I know that they support mobile testing as well. They have the option to use code-modules or recording (record and replay) as well.

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