I'm building page objects for regression testing and there are a few views that incorporates a recycler view with list items and I have found one solution but I can't get it work. What I get is that "The name index doesn't exist in the current context"

What am I doing wrong here?

My code:

Func<AppQuery, AppQuery> _listItem(int index) => e => e.Marked("text_left_icon_right_list_item_textview").Index(index);

public SomethingPage(IApp app)
    _app = app;

public void SelectSomething()

The code of the solution I found: Page Object Pattern In Xamarin UITest.


I found what was wrong ^^ :P I had forgotten to put int index in the parentheses of public void SelectSomething()


Just a guess... but I believe you need to add int index as a parameter for the SelectSomething() method. :)

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