I have a csv file contains around 1000+ rows. I need to add some extra columns in the existing file and also corresponding values of each row of information using jmeter script.Please can someone help me out in this.

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You can use bean shell scripts to execute code that can manipulate CSV files. This question has an example how to change data in a CSV-file. You should be able to adapt it to adding data aswell.

JMeter is a load testing tool not a CSV manupilation tool. Use other tools to prepare your data. There are a lot of commandline tools you can use to do this, which you could call from within JMeter.

A example flow:

  • Initial testdata in prepped in a CVS-file
  • JMeter collects data in a file
  • Commandline/BeanShell script combines JMeter data with other data into file Y
  • JMeter uses new file Y todo something
  • More reporting

Your question is not detailed enough to really give a good examle, but hopefully this triggers you to come to a solution for your challenge.


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