The transactions are SoapUi transactions but the effect of them is that the database is updated.

What sort of test cases or approaches can I use in this situation?

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    SOAPUI is not really intended for database testing, it can access databases via JDBC and Groovy the intent is to support data driven testing of APIs. – Martin Spamer Jul 14 '19 at 14:38

Although SOAPUI is NOT for database testing, perhaps you can test the effects on the database as with any messaging system.

  • Does a successful 'new' message create the database object as expected ?
  • Is an unsuccessful 'new' message (source format invalid) handled correctly ?
  • Is an unsuccessful 'new' message (source format valid but dependency issue) handled correctly?
  • Is an unsuccessful 'new' message (source format valid but db issue) handled correctly ?
  • Does a valid 'update' message actually update the final database as intended ?
  • Does an invalid 'update' message leave the database unchanged as intended ?

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