I have a scenario:

 1. I am hitting a page /news-item-list which has 10 news items (urls).
 2. I am using regular expression extractor for fetching 1 random url
    between these 10 urls present on /news-item-list page.


These urls has " | " sign which converts in some sort of code when it is requested from the server. as soon as this url is hit, it redirects to some other url.

I want the url on which it is redirected to be fetched (after hitting the url I fetched by regular expression extractor) and my useful url is the "redirected url".

I can not pass the url in http request sampler as it will generate syntax errors in my reports. I want some way by which I can pass the url extracted using regular expression extractor example:


Hitting this given url in such a way that it is hit and requested by the server and when hit I get redirected url example:


But not with https request sampler because it will give me:

"Response code: Non HTTP response code: java.net.URISyntaxException"

and than I want to get/store the redirected url obtained by sending a request by previous fetched url and pass the stored/redirected url into another https sampler.

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