If I create database testing project using java and export to a snapshot(as a jar), can I use it in a protractor project?

Hoping to use in protractor project,
protractor,jasmine framework along with visual studio code

Hoping to use in database project,
java,testNG,JDBC,intellij Idea

I can't use same technology for both API and E2E testing. Therefore I want to use database testing project in both API and E2E testing.

I know how to do in API project.What I don't know is whether I can use snapshot in protractor project.

If I can do it, should I expose database related methods as just a public method or as an API?

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    Voting to close, because it is a software development question. Although you are talking about Protractor, in the end, the question talks about calling Java from Node/Javascript. – João Farias Aug 1 '19 at 13:31

There is no way we can call Java methods/classes in Protractor, here is the reference link of discussion: https://stackoverflow.com/a/29985297/1976848.

But as in you Ques of using DB in protractor project, so you can use the same DB created for database testing project, checkout this reference Database connection with Protractor with this you can use snapshots in Protractor Project.

I hope this might help you!! let me know if it works.

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