I am doing load testing for file upload and download scenarios in JMeter.

I would like to know, which listeners can be used for such purpose and how to analyse the reports?

Any link on analysis of reports will be helpful.

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It will depend on how your target system deals with this process.

I would imagine you would need:

Investigating the download content itself is a bit out-of-scope of JMeter components - you can deal with it by running generic code using BeanShells.


The funny thing is that you should not be using any Listeners. Listeners don't add any value, they're useful only for tests development and/or debugging.

According to JMeter Best Practices you should run your test in command-line non-GUI mode with all Listeners disabled or better removed like:

jmeter -n -t test.jmx -l result.jtl -e -o /path/to/report/folder

When your test script finishes JMeter will generate HTML Reporting Dashboard which can be used for results analysis.

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