I have defined variable Total_users=100 in test plan and i have four thread group.
ThreadGroup1:- Dashboard(50% of total users),
ThreadGroup2:- Order(10% of total users),
ThreadGroup3:- Shipments(20% of total users),
ThreadGroup4:- Profile(20% of total users).

I want to change the variables value only in test plan and values should get reflected in thread group automatically. How can i do that ?

I tried ${__jexl(vars.get("Total_users")*0.5)} for dashboard but not found any solution.

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Since JMeter 3.1 it's recommended to use JSR223 Test Elements and Groovy language for scripting so consider using __groovy() function, the relevant syntax would be:

${__groovy((vars.get('Total_users') as int) / 2)}

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You can add a Beenshell Preprocessor to run arbitrary code before the thread group. In it, you can access JMeter variables.

// Note: JMeter variables are Strings 
// you will need add some casting for and to Integer
   vars.get("Total_users") * 0.5

Then you can access currentNumberOfUsers on the ThreadGroup that needs half the users.

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