I am a complete newbie in JMeter or load testing in general.

The JMeter Test scenario i want to create:-

    1. 50 different users(having different login credentials) login into a web application - do some stuff - then logout continuously for 30 minutes.Each User repeats this loop (Login - do stuff- logout) again and again for 30 minutes simultaneously/concurrently.
      1. Each user does the exact same thing like adding a new customer/profile.
      2. Each user then does a logout from the application.

Now, i tried to record this from JMeter script recorder, but after i setup proxy in the Chrome browser, i could not open my demo/test website.

So, i tried to use "Blazemeter" and recorded the whole scenario with 1 user but was not able to export the .jmx file in JMeter as file cant be downloaded it says "failed - network error". I don't know what to do next and how to proceed further.


    1. Should i create a "CSV Config Data set" element and store all different credentials in it? How can i achieve this. I have 3 login parameters like portal id, userid and password. joeportal345, joeuser445, password556(ex)
    2. The "Enter password" page comes after user enters 2 ID's. Also, how can i capture the login/save buttons?
    3. How can i use the recorded scenario from Blazemeter and plug in different 50 login credentials at the same time?
    4. Do i need to create user defined variables?
    5. Can any JMeter plugin make this task easier?
    6. Do i need to use any Logic controllers like Loop controller, simple controller etc.

Please reply so that i can atleast get started? I have gone through many tutorials, articles on the web, but still cant get hold of it and failed to create the script?

  • did you managed to this scenario? I need some guidance, thanks
    – nick
    Commented Feb 1, 2022 at 10:57

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  1. The relevant Thread Group configuration would be something like:

    enter image description here

  2. You should create a CSV file and put your credentials there. Then you can load the file using CSV Data Set Config
  3. JMeter doesn't click any buttons or type anything into inputs, it acts on HTTP protocol level, to wit it sends associated HTTP Requests and waits for responses. When you click a button a HTTP Request is being sent to the server so you need to ensure that JMeter sends the same request as browser does. You might need to perform some correlation as well
  4. User Defined Variables is not mandatory, if you have some values which are reused between requests - better go for HTTP Request Defaults
  5. I'm not aware of any plugins, you can try using BlazeMeter Proxy Recorder which can perform automatic correlation, however if you cannot download generated files it won't be useful
  6. For your simple scenario you don't need any logic controllers

You can also do it with Taurus as I describe here, but the suggestion by Dmitri T is probably quicker/easier.


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